Lola Featured In

I realize I’ve been quiet in this virtual platform for some days since I’ve been, of course, up to no good.  I’m trying to set up my month long stay in Argentina this upcoming November, but you know that’s never enough.

I’m heading to Tampa, FL next month, for 10 days.  I’m, fortunate to have a lot of friends down there, but since I haven’t visited since 2010, deciding where to stay and what I will be doing, is time consuming. I’m also heading to Puerto Rico in the beginning of October and then, last week I purchased a ticket to Jordan, (also for October) which I later on cancelled. I still might go but I’m working out some work logistics, because contrary to what many people might think, I’m not a Rockefeller. At least not yet! Jajaja

Anyways, a few weeks ago I had the biggest honor of all! A friend and a blogger, came up to me and asked to interview me and have me featured in her blog. This is huge for so many different reasons! First of all, Martha and Monica have been bloggers for years, and I’m just getting started in this world; second, the quality of the people they are and what they do, can only be described as top-notch, so for them to extend such an invitation was truly humbling to me.

Needless to say, them being friends and feeling so comfortable, I ended up revealing some travel experiences that I’d never made public until now.  So if you are intrigued, which you should be ;), click here, head to the article, browse their site, and suscribe to their blog!

Again, thank you both for this amazing experience! I will forever be grateful!

Much love,




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