Roadtrip through: Aveiro, Fátima, and Nazaré, Portugal

Like I had previously stated in my Porto blog, our plan was to drive from Porto to Lisbon and on our way, stop in different towns.

Our first stop was Aveiro.  We decided to stay here two nights.  Don’t ask me why, and also, please don’t do it! One night is more than enough.

Aveiro is charming, also known as the “Venice of Portugal”, but if you’ve been to Venice, you will find this to be an insult.  At least I did.


Yes, its cute, but comparing oneself to Venice is just flat out an understatement.  Having said this, we stayed at a lovely boutique hotel close to everything.  Everything being, the fish market, (never saw one fish) and restaurants.  These later ones being ok but nothing extraordinary.

However, walking through Aveiro, I liked.  It reminded me at times of home (Puerto Rico) since it has narrow roads, colorful homes, and their people, so sweet.


Besides Averio, we set aside one day to explore Coimbra, and this was… well, a good idea, I guess.  Coimbra is pretty, but just another Portuguese city.

What I did love was that we found this amazing shoe store: D’Euforia.

Now, Lola went a bit crazy and bought three pairs of shoes, in the process of making friends with all the store associates.  This being our highlight of Coimbra right before heading to our next destination: Costa Nova.

PS. A little shoe shopping never hurts anyone.

IMG_7171 2

We headed to Costa Nova to see what the fuss was all about.

Once there we found a truly lovely, cozy fishermans’ city.  I personally loved driving by its streets and admiring the peculiarity of this small town.



The beach was once more, freezing cold, but it was one of the most beautiful sights I had experienced while in Portugal.



Our second day we decided to take the must-do boat canal tour of Aveiro. It was interesting to see what they so call “the Venice of Portugal” but you already know how I feel about this.

On the road to Lisbon, we stopped at Fátima first.  No, I did not get to see people walking with their knees around the church, but I could feel the spirituality in the air. I do recommend stopping here even though to some people might see it as “just another church”. But the truth is that it isn’t.  The history, the spirituality and even its architecture is inspiring and worth the visit.

For all you lazy bums or knee impaired (like myself) and worried about hills or steps, know that you can park the car right next to the entrance to the church and avoid the hills and stairs.  Parking and entrance to the church is also free.



After looking at this beauty, we headed to Nazaré.  Our first stop being the lighthouse.

Now, you have to understand I was raised in the water.  My father has always had a boat. My brothers surf and water ski, and me and my father, dive.  The ocean is my friend and even my lover.  So Lola being near water is always a good way to making her happy.  And even though I don’t surf, I have much love and respect for the sport.  So making it to Nazaré, definitely felt a little bit like home.


The lighthouse is beyond impressive, taking into consideration this is where people stand to watch the massive waves that take place in February.  Seeing all the surf boards and the athletes comments gave me chills down my spine.  And watching the view from up top, was exciting.


Having seen everything up there, we headed down to the other side of the cliff to admire the other side of the beach.  As expected, it was completely different.  Here, the beach was calm and people could actually take a nice dip and enjoy what must be an amazing beach day during summer days.


Nazaré was definitely my favorite spot during our road trip down to Lisbon and I just wish I would’ve spent more time in that little surf town.

See ya next week for my last blog about Portugal! Stay groovy!


4 thoughts on “Roadtrip through: Aveiro, Fátima, and Nazaré, Portugal

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Lauren! I will definitely make sure to post my itinerary in a more organized way and further suggestions so that you and others can take a look into it!


  1. You should of stopped in my town Figueira da foz, It’s beautiful. Portugal has alot of beautiful places to see.


    1. Yes! You are absolutely right! Sadly I only had a week and I didn’t want to rush, but I can assure you I will be back in Portugal. I loved it! Your country is outstanding! 🙂


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