Porto Stands For Charm

My visit to Porto came about as a mistake really.  I was supposed to stay in Europe for 5 weeks and explore eastern Europe, but due to work I had to cut my trip short, and somehow Portugal came into mind.  I’ve never been.  And then, there were $23 euro flights from Barcelona to Porto. So off to Porto I went. Shout out to Ryanair!

I really didn’t do much research of Porto nor in Portugal in general.  I decided to let Portugal flow. The plan was to stay 2 days in Porto and then grab a car and drive to Lisbon, stopping in different cities on our way down. Which is exactly what we did.

You may ask, is two days in Porto enough?  Depends.  Depends on the weather, who you are traveling with, and what your interests are.

I went from the third to the fourth week of May.  I wanted to go to the beach.  This didn’t happen. Portugal is not only cold, but windy A.F.!

On another note I was traveling with a friend so a romantic venue was not the order of the day either.  Therefore, two days for us, was more than enough.  Now, having said this, Porto is beautiful.

The hills really did piss me off, (welcome to Portugal!) but other than that, I liked it.  The people are so nice and loving! I believe this is where our infatuation with Gelato really took a toll.  This is where we first had two gelatos in less than an hour.  Ahhh, yes, our first day was great!

After taking the train to the city center and getting off on Bolhão Station, St. Catherines Street gave us a nice welcome into Porto.  So many different stores! Yet, not only did you see tourists but also locals; this was a nice surprise.

Once settled unto our amazing Airbnb right off the São Lázaro plaza, we went for a walk.  First stop: A gelato.

And then, once we visited the São Bento Train Station, and bought our tickets for the 6 Bridges Tour off of Living Tours, we stumbled upon a little gem.

Say hello to Cremosi!  Now THIS, this is a different kind of Gelato.  Not only is the place beautiful, but their flavors are unique.  Me being me, obviously opted for the Champagne and Porto flavor.  So please oh please, pay them a visit and then come back to me and thank me! 😉


Then our on our way down we came upon a nice Porto Penis Art.  That’s how I’m calling it and I’m sticking to it!

And so we made it all the way down, just in time for our tour.  I suggest you take it at 6 or 7pm so that you can appreciate the sunset while on the water.

Boy, Porto is a sight!

Once finished with our tour, we decided to get dinner at Ribeira. Of course we ordered two different plates of Bacalhau, both really good.

But our favorite thing about this spot?  The view, the Porto, the red wine and the friendly waiter.  We were there until it closed.  We had a blast!

For our second day, we decided to head to the beach.  Pause for laughter.  After making it to Matosinhos Beach, we realized our beach day had die in our hearts.  Talk about wind and cold!

But it was nice to see all the badass women surfers hitting the water!

Once back into the town of Porto we decided to just walk and see what we would stumble upon.

I’d have to say this was one of my favorite things to do in Porto.  Simply get lost in its streets and admire its architecture and beauty.


FullSizeRender 363

We obviously stopped at a Porto wine tasting before heading to Lellos’ Bookstore.

Then, of course, on our way to the Clérigos Tower we came across this nice park where we layed a picnic blanket and gave our feet some rest. This was the moment I realized I needed a European lover and came close to shooting myself.

But not before heading over to Gaia to have our last dinner overlooking Porto.

I have to give a quick shout out to the manager of S. Martino for such an amazing service, food and of course, Gelato!

If there is one thing I must say about Porto is, its people are simply amazing. We felt so welcomed and loved.  Thank you for your hospitality.

I have faith the next I visit Porto, I will be sharing it with a special someone.

Cheers Porto! Til’ next time!


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