A city called Barcelona

I’ve always been asked if I’d visited Barcelona.  My reply was always a no which was always followed by a “Yeah, you can tell since you are not living there, because if you’d gone, you’d be living there now.  You look like Barcelona…”.  This was a usual conversation among acquaintances and strangers, so needless to say, I had been looking forward to visiting this city for a while.

Once there I realized everyone was right.

And can I just say, WOW? Beautiful men, mountains, beaches, men, sweet people, great transportation, men, art, food, MEN! I’ve fallen for Barcelona!

Holy crap, I’m sorry, but damnit, men in Barcelona are definitely competing with those in Italy and Australia!

Passing the page on the obvious delirious infatuation I’m currently facing with the men in this city, my weekend started quite late since it took forever to get out of the airport and settled into my hostel.  I had originally planned to go solo on this trip and decided to stay in a hostel in order to meet people.  This actually never took place since I ended up coming with friends and spent barely anytime in the hostel.


Also, may I add? Hostel, never again! After a certain age, there’s really no point in spending nights sleeping on a not only questionable “mattress”, but also what could be considered a cardboard box! I might as well slept on the floor. And for the same price I could’ve been in an Airbnb much more comfortable.

Having said this, we spent our first dinner at Les Quinze Nits.  Great food, service, price, and experience, aside from the dozen times we were interrupted by random people selling roses and flying toys. NO! We do not want to buy flowers!

The following day we spent way too many hours at the Barca stadium. However, this was necessary. Soccer in Barcelona is pretty much a religion and if you come to Barcelona and don’t visit their “church” is like never having made it here.



A quick lunch at La Boquería was the order of the day, followed by two adults throwing themselves on the floor due to the pain our feet were encountering.  This however, did not stop us to keep going to what would be a long night of walking and getting lost in the gorgeous small streets of the Gothic Quarter.



This break also served for a quick photoshoot of my new custom Adidas. 😉


On our way there we encountered an art exhibition which later on turned into an hour long conversation with strangers from different countries.  This is the moment that I really realized how much I had missed Europe.  The open mindness, the conversation topics, the sympathy, the empathy.  This is what Europeans are all about and I immediately wished I lived in this awesome city.

The following morning I woke up like a small kid on Christmas Day. We were heading to the beach!  So many people. It was warm but it didn’t feel like hell. It also didn’t seem like hell.. More like heaven with gorgeous angels flying around… I really can’t emphasize enough how beautiful these men are! Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, you name it, they’re there. And not only are they there, but they are there staring at you, talking to you, and hitting on me!? What?!?!



Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am hot in Europe! I cannot say it enough, I live on the wrong side of the planet! So ladies, if you have a few extra pounds, get ready for Disney land because here, they adore us! 😀

Ok, lets move on… So we layed out, I tried getting into the water, something that didn’t happen since the Mediterranean water is apparently competing with the Arctic!

FullSizeRender 308

And then, we moved on to eating our first gelato. The first of MANY!


We continued our journey to the beautiful Park Ciutadella. This park has some serious personality and I wish I could’ve stayed longer. However, little did we know that the best was yet to come!


As we walked through the Arc of Triumph, we encountered live flamenco that not only hipnotized me, but dozens of other people.  This right here, definitely made my day! It’s been a while since a singer moved my heart and soul.  We ended up staying for little over half an hour and I swear I would still be there if they let me. You can’t get more Spain than this!

That night, after having dinner in La Fonda (great food), we decided to hit the town. Sadly, we ended up in the traditional club scenario that at my 31 years of age, have seen all way to well and enough of.  I went, I saw, I left.  If you’ve been to one club, you’ve been to all.  At least thats how I perceive it.

The next day we headed to Parc Guell. Long story short, this is what I must say to you: buy your Casa Monumental tickets ahead of time! By the time we arrived, there were no tickets available! We got lucky that an old man literally handed us some tickets for that same day.  Otherwise I would’ve missed one of the best highlights of Barcelona! Shame on me!

FullSizeRender 107


Taking into consideration this was our last full day in Barcelona, we couldn’t leave without seeing La Sagrada Familia. I also suggest you buy these tickets ahead of time.  It is beyond impressive the architecture of this massive church.  Is it my favorite? No. But one must see it.


FullSizeRender 67

Our last night was spent having an amazing dinner at Grill Room, which was perfect! An hour later we were being harassed by club promoters trying to convince us to go to their bars in exchange of free shots.  May I say, this was on a Monday? Barcelona definitely knows how to party and make you feel alive!


I will be seeing more of you Barcelona, of that, I’m sure!

Hasta pronto linda! :*

FullSizeRender 157

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