Meet Lola

Hello world and welcome to my life! My name is Natalie but my dad used to call me Lola as a child. For some reason it makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I remember those days. Having said this, that’s where the Lola comes from. And passage? Well, my life is a continuous passage, consisting on visiting the next country I can get a cheap ticket to and the journey I decide to take in order to become a better version of myself.

Having said this, I am a 31 year old, single, plus size woman who has fallen madly in love with her life.  But this was not always the case.

A little bit over two years ago I found myself in the most horrifying job you could possibly imagine.  I was an associate attorney at a small firm in Puerto Rico where long hours, miserable pay and no space for growth, took over my life and health.

However, in November 2015 I finally got the guts, or how I call it (la locura) to risk it all and quit.  With a declining economy, lack of jobs and passion for the legal field, it was definitely an insane decision. But, as it turns out, the best one yet.

Months later, without knowing what I was doing, I got a one way ticket to New York City.  It’s been almost two years since then and I couldn’t be happier.

Having an obsession for cheap flights, cheap stay, a lot of modification and prioritizing my travels above anything else, has allowed me to visit new places, revisit those I loved and keep scheduling a lot of upcoming adventures.

I hope you join me as I embark my wildest dreams.

10 thoughts on “Meet Lola

  1. Beautifully put baby. When you decided to take that leap I never doubted you for a minute. You have it in you to make your dreams come true. Keep traveling, keep living the life you love and most of all be happy.


  2. Cheers to living life and to the many adventures to come, may this journey continue and inspire others to seize the day!


  3. Amazing! Can’t wait to follow you and your adventures. While we are miles apart, great things like this keep us closer. Super happy for you!!! You deserve the best! Travel on sister! Be adventorous! Love. Live.
    Be Proud! Be YOU!!! Love ya


    1. Thank you so for your kind words! And yes, this definitely will keep you on the loop as to what your sister is up to. 😉 thanks for your support and encouragement. Means the world! 😘


  4. Natalie – This is amazing, can’t wait to follow you on your next adventure! When are you going to hit an African Safari Lola’s style?

    Congrats on the new site. Love you girl.



    1. Checo!

      Thank you for your sweet and kind words as well as your eternal support.

      The Safari is coming, don’t you worry about that. As soon as I have the dates I will let you all know! 😉
      Stay tuned!

      Much love!


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